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Scouting for Deer VIDEOS

Scouting Whitetail Deer: Part 4 Hunting Travel Corridors,  3:37 min.

Josh Fletcher give us some more great information on finding travel corridors and using them successfully during the hunting season.

How to Scout a New Hunting Property,  2:08 min

There is a wrong way and a right way to scout. This especially true when we are just months out from deer hunting season. The key during this late summer period is minimal disturbance. Whatever advice I am about to give you on how to scout a property must be done as quickly and noninvasive as possible.

Scouting for Summer Bucks | Legendary Whitetails,  2:54 min.

We look at 4 summertime hotspots that you should be scouting for deer during July and August. If you know the right places to look for deer during the summer, there’s no easier time of year to find your next target for fall. Find more hunting related tips at our community site:

Using Maps to Scout and Find Great Stand Locations,  3:28 min.

Using maps can be very helpful when scouting for deer. Ben Harshyne talks about classic terrain funnels and habitat funnels, and how to identify them on a map to help hone in on great stand locations.

Top 3 Spots for Hunting Public Land Bucks,  3:08 min.

Public land can be difficult to hunt, no doubt. With the right tools and scouting you can set up on the perfect spot over pressured deer.

Scouting Big Bucks with a Drone,  1:55 min.

I took the drone out in search of some big Bama bucks and spotted a couple. As you can see from the fields, we are still in a severe drought and need some rain.

Velvet Bucks and Preseason Scouting,  2:45 min.

Deer are on a feeding pattern during the summer which will extend into the early part of the fall. Learn the ins and outs of scouting deer prior to the season.

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