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SD – INDUSTRY INSIDER – Boyds Gunstocks ownership changes hands to two longtime employees

Two longtime employees who have been a vital part of the success of Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks will be carrying on that tradition as the new owners. After nearly four decades of running the gun stock business that he founded in 1981, Randy Boyd, former owner of Boyds Gunstock in Mitchell, has passed the torch to his son-in-law, Rob Carstensen, and longtime employee, Dustin Knutson. The duo became owners in January. “I’m excited to keep the tradition that we have here going. It’s an industry I’m very passionate about,” Carstensen said. “I’ve been blessed to have the support and opportunity to do something I love, thanks to my wife (Kassidy) and Randy (Boyd).” While Carstensen and Knutson will be the new faces at the helm of Boyds Gunstocks, both are familiar with the operations and the gunstock industry. Cartensen served as the sales manager for the past three years, while Knutson has been the general manager for six years. Knutson, a Minnesota transplant, began working for Boyds Gunstocks in 2006 and moved his way up the ladder ever since. Together, they bring nearly three decades of experience to their new roles.  [full article]

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