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SD – LE – New state gun law prompts proposed ordinance change in Sioux Falls (VIDEO)

The city of Sioux Falls is looking to “cleanup” the wording of a city ordinance that can help local police find stolen guns. The city’s action is in response to a change in state law that prohibits local governments from making the final decision on gun purchases. For years Sioux Falls pawn shops have cross checked guns brought into their shop with a database to make sure the guns aren’t stolen. “We in the last five years have run, I think it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 million articles through the system,” Sioux Falls Police Department Captain Blain Larsen said. If you’ve tried to buy or sell anything with a serial number at a Sioux Falls pawn shop over the last several years, chances are that serial number has been run through an online system called ‘LeadsOnline’. “They enter the serial number,” Larsen said. “Generally 7 to 10 days later we will then get a hit and tell us if that item was a stolen item.” “The registry is a good thing because it keeps everybody honest,” 1st Cash and Exchange sales worker Kyle Andersen said. “The tough thing too is a lot of criminals know that if it is stolen, don’t come to a pawn shop.”  [full article]

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