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SD – New Products – Black Hills Ammunition 300 Blackout 110 grain TSX

Shooters looking for the ultimate performance in their .300 Whisper/Blackout guns will be pleased with a new copper bullet loading from Black Hills, the 110 grain Tipped TSX (TTSX)™ from Barnes Bullets (G1 B.C. of .295). This projectile was designed with a long ogive to ensure smooth and positive feeding even from full 30-round magazines. It expands immediately upon impact and retains nearly 100% of its weight, penetrating to desired depths of 18”+. Testing has shown it also performs well through tough barriers, such as car doors and windshields, making this a very suitable round for Police patrol rifles.

As a hunting bullet, it will provide superior performance against everything from whitetails to tough critters like monster hogs. This round provides great accuracy in addition to flawless function and great terminal performance. For more information, visit www.black-hills.com

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