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Selling Shoes and Snake Oil

Bob Rogers

Finding a groove in the age of Millennia is no small feat. Yet, Blake Mykoskie, he of the Tom’s Shoes phenomena, has launched yet another campaign far apart from the discovery that the Argentinian canvas alpargatas shoes could make him a rich man.

Mykoskie, who found his celebrity as a former contestant on the reality show “The Amazing Race,” has decided to launch an anti-gun bandwagon blitz on the road where he will ply the message of his latest effort, “End Gun Violence Together.” That idea came to him after the shooting last November at a Thousand Oaks night club near where he lives.

In tour stops beginning February 5 at his shoe brand’s HQ in Santa Monica, California, he will take his campaign message to fellow libs in Vegas, Denver, Chicago, and Pittsburgh with additional stops in similar crime plagued cities before ending up in Washington, DC where he will deliver some 700,000 postcards from his company’s website written by folks who came under his persuasive spell to think-alike members of Nancy Pelosi’s congressional House.

Shannon Watts couldn’t be more pleased.

Mykoskie discovered further fame as a guest on NBC’s Tonight Show where he announced a pledge of $5 million shoe dollars to help fund a litany of gun violence groups – Everytown for Gun Safety; Courage to Fight Gun Violence;  Giffords Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence; Live Free; Black and Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium; the Parkland students mass shooting survivors’ March for Our Lives; and Watts’ Moms Demand Action.

Unfortunately, not included as authors of gun crime prevention were such anti-crime groups as the NRA, Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation, the National Shooting Sports Foundation and many pro-gun safety state groups from sea to shining sea.

There is a reality assigned to gun crime that seems to escape even the whims of notion inherent in those who disdain guns in the same breath as opioids, a use-phenomena well-known to entertainer types but hushed up so as to not interfere with such recreational habits that produce not a willingness for wilderness as found within such outdoor sports as hunting and competitive shooting sports, but breeds other social habits that often end up in shadowy conversation: human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the forerunner of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

We applaud Mykoskie for taking on such a venture via the American Foundation for AIDS Research. Efforts like his may save far more lives than any anti-gun movement that focuses on law-abiding gun owners while turning a blind eye to gun crime.

Tom’s Shoes apparently doesn’t understand that criminals obtain their guns not via a federally licensed gun dealer who requires a background check before purchase but from back alley barkers who smash the front doors of firearms retailers with pickups and SUVs to steal what becomes the inventory of a profitable enterprise in all those American big cities that Mykoskie will visit while proclaiming the evil of guns to the wrong end-user.

Inescapably, all that proves is that crime really does pay.  Even better than selling shoes.

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