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Shake Awake Technology Delivers the Ultimate in Readiness

Walnut, CA (September 20, 2018) Battery life and ease-of-use are critical features for any electronics to be used defensively or in the field. Whether sighting in game or responding to a potential threat, events often unfold quickly and there isn’t time to fumble for controls to turn an optic on or worse, discover that the batteries are dead at that moment of need. That’s why Holosun has incorporated Shake Awake™ technology in all of its open reflex, tube and micro red-dot optics.

Shake Awake™ allows a Holosun optic to essentially go to sleep after no movement or vibration is detected during a set period of time; much like your computer when not in use. The amount of time before the optic shuts off is completely programmable by the user. As soon as the optic senses movement, it automatically turns on for immediate use and at the same level of brightness last used. This feature helps promote longer battery life and ensures the unit is ready for action the second the firearm is picked up.

Shake Awake™ is featured in many of the reflex and red-dot optics in both of Holosun’s Classic and Elite series of optics, and is just one more reason more shooters have come to depend on these precision, yet smartly priced devices for the ultimate in shooting readiness.

For more information please visit www.holosun.com

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