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Unique Trick Shots & Interview With Gunslinger Kirsten Joy Weiss 10:01 min.

Rare insight about Kirsten Joy Weiss, a pro shooter, pro gun and pro freedom advocate, sharing the positive reality of shooting and the freedom it protects.Along with trick shots, you’ll discover a little of Kirsten’s back story, obstacles overcome, and insight into her mission here alongside you.

The Girl, The Gun, and The Motorcycle 1:21 min.

A woman and her guns…..(and a motorcycle in the mix) This is my premiere trick shot. Fresh gun, new motorcycle, first time (no previous practice on this trick). First for me and first for you!

Blowing Out A Candle With A Bullet – G.I. JOE Movie Tribute Trick Shot 2:28 min.

Blowing Out A Candle With A Bullet? I attempt this difficult shot… Low light and unfavorable breezes made this shot even more slippery, but see what happens! I’m also further out than Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum, around 25 – 30 yards. Hey you two, care for a duel?

Trick Shooting with TheChive! 2:21 min.

TheChive needed a trick shooter, so they gave me a call. I had a blast working with these guys in Texas.

3-Gun Champ Loses to 9-year-old Girl! 3:30 min.

Clip from Hot Shots on NBC Sports Network featuring Colt 3-Gunner Clint Upchurch meeting his match on the range – his 9-year-old daughter.

13-Year-Old Trick Shooter Dylan Holsey on ‘American Guns 2:01 min.

Young Cowboy Action Shooting star Dylan Holsey pays a visit to the “American Guns” crew, and shows off his skills in a little friendly competition.

3 World Records – Trick Shooting 4:21 min.

Scanout has shot with the best! The professional trick shooter Kenneth Aspestrand has made the impossible possible. 3 World Records in two days!

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