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Shed Hunting VIDEOS

Shed Hunting 2019! Sheds and Dead’s!  5:01 min.

Your seeing-eye camera will focus in on sheds everywhere you go.

WMAT Shed Hunting 2019  2:10 min.

What daylight conceals, night lights reveal.

Week 1! AMAZING Shed Antler Hunting in Snow!  3:41 min.

Shed hunting in Montana in 2019. This is the first of many shed hunting videos to come.

How To Find Shed Antlers In The South  3:23 min.

If you’re from the South and you want to find more shed antlers where you hunt, this video is for you. From Louisiana to Tennessee, planted pines to secluded food plots, learn how to find shed antlers in the land of sweet tea and pecan pie.

Shed Hunting in New England 2019. Old, Big Shed Found that Matches Perfectly With Big Fresh Shed  2:59 min.

In this video me and one of my buddies found a shed antler that happened to be an old drop to one of the big bucks that we found this year.[this shed matched up with a fresh shed that was dropped this year]

Spring Elk Shed Hunting “The Kicker Bull”  3:28 min.

Elk Shed hunting April 2018, in the high country. Finding all the big old ones on the way to some possible brownies on the next go around.

Best Moose Shed Hunting Action Ever!  6:53 min.

Shed season always starts off for us with Moose Sheds! Wait for the music…wait for it…

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