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Shed Hunting VIDEOS

Shed Hunting January 2019 | MASSIVE Whitetail Shed, 2:31 min.

2019 off to a great start with a massive shed. Stay tuned for more Whitetail shed hunting in the upcoming months.

January Shed Hunting! 2019, 3:41 min.

Shed hunting in Montana in 2019. This is the first of many shed hunting videos to come. We have a lot of good bucks on camera so hopefully they will drop and we can find them!

Shed Hunting 2019! Sheds and Dead’s!, 5:01 min.

Another critter’s meal left only the dead shed for human hunters.

Shed Hunting for Moose Antlers, 4:55 min.

Starting with posts of the year!!! We are starting off with Adam and Tana’s shed hunting adventures for moose antlers. With owning a super cub, it makes shed hunting a little easier. Being able to fly and find antlers is a dream come true!!!!

Elk Shed Hunting Utah 2018, 7:10 min.

A couple of friends and i went looking for elk sheds in Utah and we ended up finding quite a few!

It Happened! Big 6×6 Bull Elk Sheds Antler on camera! By Tines Up, 14:30 min.

A must watch for any shed antler collector or hunter! Big 6×6 bull elk sheds one side on camera!

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