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The Sheriff Who Middle-Fingers His Bosses

Thursday, August 17, 2017 — I can’t remember the last time I sat in on a county supervisors meeting.  Never, comes to mind, actually. But had I a reason to go there, it’s not likely that I would go armed.  Where I live most everyone is armed at some point, either while driving from hither to yon, at a sports event, in a theater, restaurant, church, school, Walmart. But not at a county supervisors meeting if those offices are somehow attached – common in such rural settings – to the county courthouse. Why the difference? Don’t really know except that I don’t fear my county supervisors, especially the one who used to be with Game & Fish. The courthouse, maybe. But in Iowa, however, if you go armed into the Woodbury County Courthouse and Supervisors’ meeting room, Sheriff Dave Drew is going to hook you up and send you to Central Booking, which is likely to be a shared facility with the SO’s coffee closet. But that’s a story in itself.

Sheriff Dave has been told by the Woodbury County supervisors to let ‘em come in, armed or not because, if its ‘not,’ the county may be sued by a citizen when he/she showed up armed in court who was barred entry and then sued the county citing the Iowa Supreme Court law that banned guns in all courthouses. The Iowa legislature, in all its flattened corn field glory, passed a 1990 law that prevents local governments from passing gun restrictions that are tougher than state law. Sheriff Dave says, ‘let ‘em sue’ because there’s no monetary reward attached to such a particular lawsuit covered under the state Supreme Court’s ruling. Thus, you come packin’ heat, and Dave’s got you dead to rights, county supervisors be damned!

Okay, so we’re makin’ light of the serious matter of gun rights versus gun law in Iowa. But Dave works for the Woodbury County supervisors and the supers don’t take kindly to cops tellin’ them what the law is, or isn’t. But, historically speaking, the guy a few years back who came into the Maquoketa courthouse over in Jackson County and pulled a piece from his briefcase and commenced to shootin’ up the place was some kinda nutcase to begin with. Had Sheriff Dave been there, he’da whipped out his own piece and hooked up the guy right then ‘n there but, alas, when the gun went off the bullet hit the shooter hisself and killed ‘im deader’n a doornail. Case closed.

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