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Shifting Attitudes May Say More About #MeToo Than You Thought

Steve Comus

February 1, 2018 — The shooting sports industry has changed more in the past decade than at any time in history. Its direction is becoming clearer as the panic buying of recent years recedes.

It is common to consider the industry as though it were some sort of monolithic block within society. Think that way at the peril of missing what is really happening.

The buyer/owner base is broader and deeper than it was before the Obama tsunami. The base is varied significantly.

In the beginning of the Obama era, most vocal and fastest growing within the owner base were those who were pushing back against the imperialist administration. They had a sharp attitude and the kinds of guns and gear they embraced reflected that attitude.

Because that phenomenon happened concurrently with the tactical revolution that was already in progress, it was easy in the heat of the fray to misinterpret reality – to misunderstand whether the dog or the tail was doing the wagging.

There remains a significant segment of the industry’s base that retains that attitude and which continues to be so motivated. It is likely that nothing will change on that front.

Most significant among the evolutionary changes has been the emergence of the female gun buyer, owner and shooter. At first, it was handled via pink guns and those kinds of surface trappings because action to the surprising spike in woman interest in guns was, in fact, a knee-jerk reaction of men who dominated the industry. It was a quick way to address a new and growing segment.

But the female part of the market wasn’t some passing anomaly or temporary. It was real and becomes more important as time goes by.

The female presence in Gundom is changing all kinds of perceptions and is resulting in the offering of a host of products designed specifically for shooters of that size and temperament.

For the most part, it seems as though women entering the shooter ranks are initially most interested in personal and family defense. Nothing could be more logical. But once they are shooters, many women naturally expand their fun factors by becoming involved in the many sport-shooting disciplines, ranging from 3 Gun to trap, skeet and sporting clays.

In other words, throughout Gundom, women have become more and more a part of the whole picture. In fact, it is safe to suggest that this evolution has gone far enough to say that anti-gun forces now are sexist pigs.

In the general society, the “me too” movement reflects changes in some segments – changes that already took place in Gundom. Abuses that triggered the “me too” movement tend to be minimized among women who have decided to take full advantage of all of the personal freedoms and responsibilities this country offers – including owning and carrying guns as factors that are always present when people take charge of their own lives. Victimization evaporates in such settings.

This reflects the realities of contemporary society in which the basic “family” has changed over time. Now there are many more single parent families in which a woman is the parent.

In this setting, tradition is being set on its ear, since now it is becoming the mother who introduces youngsters to guns and shooting. It’s about time.

In fact, this is getting to be more exciting all the time. Who would have predicted a couple of decades ago that Gundom would be the place where the pace of society would be set and maintained?

At this rate, antis will become little more than a speed bump in the rear view mirror as society in general embraces the celebration of freedom – all freedom, including gun ownership and use.

It is amazing how societies are cyclical. More than a century ago, it was openly observed that God made man and Sam Colt made them equal, or something to that effect. The truth these days can be seen by changing only one or two words in that sentiment – God made mankind (or men and women) and the universal presence of guns made them equal.

Actions have followed attitudes. First, it was the “tactical” attitude in which “tactical is a state of mind.” Then, on another front, the 3-percenters and the like put faces to the owners and shooters of tactical gear with a more edgy attitude in reaction to a government that despised personal freedoms. Along with that wave was an awakening among the majority of society who happened to be women and who decided to take greater control of their personal lives by becoming gun owners and shooters.

Looking back over time, Gundom is a study in generational imperatives. What has happened in recent years is a more widespread, yet more condensed generational evolution, than ever before in history.

This is logical, because the electronic age has accelerated virtually everything in the world. What used to take years now takes mere minutes.

As each day goes by, the antis are finding themselves relegated to history. Literally, the cutting edge of social change is in Gundom and not in the schools, colleges or even boardrooms.

This social change is happening from the ground up, and not from the top, down. Attitude will continue to define reality. Soon, it likely will be an attitude that assumes everyone is a gun owner and shooter, and those who are not are the oddballs – as they always have been.

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