Shoot Now, Pay Later? You Must Be Nuts!

As told to Jeff Fletcher

Have a mortgage? Car payments? Utility bills? Credit cards? Welcome to everybody American. We’re all duty bound to sit down usually once a month and write checks to somebody, somewhere, somehow.

At one time in my too-many-other-things-going-on-in-my-life mind I’d either forget to pay the piper whose product I was smoking – legal product, of course – or I’d just give up the wanting and, instead, concentrate on the waiting, cursing to myself about another wasted Saturday when I really wanted to go to the range for some target practice.

Sure, I had other guns, but what I really wanted was one of those  carry guns I kept reading about in online gun media. Trouble was the price, while reasonable, was just a hair or two above my comfort level. Then I ran into, an online firearms retailer that was offering a Shoot Now, Pay Later opportunity. I was ecstatic!  Almost.

I looked over the options: A Smith & Wesson M&P 9 mil Shield for $315, an H&K VP9 for $499, a Remington 1911R1 for $499. There were others, of course, and all within my budget.  I forced myself to make a decision and, surveying the many guns available on the Grabagun website I decided to go for… 

WAIT! I unexpectedly ran across something called the Daily Deal and spotted a Ruger LCRx with a 5-round copper cylinder – WOW! What a looker! – in .38 Spcl with Hogue grips. It reminded me of my Dad’s old off-duty gun during his LEO days, a S&W Chief’s Special, also a 5-rounder with custom grips. And the Daily Deal price was just $339. I got really excited.  Until, that is, I realized I was close to my credit card cap and two weeks away from the next payday.

Talk about disappointment. In an effort to learn more about GrabAGun I roamed over their website and stopped on a little banner tag that read: Gun Financing and Layaway Programs that gave me two choices. I could either select my gun and put it on layaway for up to 90 days, make a 30% down payment and pay a $30 account set-up fee and make the final payment up to three months later… OR…

…I could select my gun, call GrabAGun on the phone or send them an email. They’ll take my personal info, email me an electronic  4473 transfer form to fill out, sign and send back, pay for the gun with either a credit card or my bank debit card, or set up a financing plan, and they’ll then ship me the gun.

I opted for the financing plan. I had already browsed the GrabAGun website and ordered some ammo and targets  and a couple of days later, my new gun, ammo and targets arrived.

My next Saturday was only a couple days away, giving me time to check out the new gun, read the owner’s manual and get ready to head for the real deal with my new Ruger with the copper wheel. Whoa! Now that’s how I can shoot now and pay later. Check out Doncha just love technology?

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