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Shooting Accuracy VIDEOS

How To Sight In Your Riflescope 5:50 min.

Gun featured is the Forbes Model 24, chambered in .308

Short Range Zero For Long Range Accuracy – Gunsite Academy Firearms Training 3:45 min.

Bob Whaley instructor at Gunsite shares their method for zeroing the AR-15 Platform and why they prefer a 50/200-yard zero.

How NOT to shoot a semi-automatic Pistol 3:03 min.

This is a “Basics” video for those very, very new to firearms. Hopefully, you didn’t learn this the hard way! If so, you might still have scars on your thumb to prove it.

How to Improve Handgun Shooting Accuracy 5:57 min.

Here are a few steps that will improve your accuracy when shooting a handgun.

Crimson Trace – Sighting In Your Laser 2:43 min.

Discussion and instructions on how to sight in a Crimson Trace Laser Sight.

Red Dot – Holographic Sights and Tactical Scopes: Understanding the Difference Gun Review 4:04 min.

What is the story with Red Dot sites? Are they better than other kinds of optics? Do they have any drawbacks, advantages or disadvantages?

The Secret to Breaking More Targets, The Eyes Have It! – Sporting Clays Tip 4:11 min.

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School explains “Retinal Processing” and how with the right training our eyes can communicate directly with the subconscious mind leading to more broken clays.

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