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Best of SHOT Show 2018 Day 1 8:08 min.

I checked out dozens of booths on day 1 SHOT Show 2018. These were some of my favorite things.

Bergara HMR Pro Bolt-Action Rifle 3:52 min.

American Rifleman’s Joe Kurtenbach stopped by the Bergara bay at Industry Day at the Range during SHOT Show 2018 to learn the features of the Bergara HMR Pro Rifle.

The Endlessly Inventive Strike Industries 9:05 min.

Josh from Strike Industries gives Chris the rundown of whats new in 2018.

Brownells Retro Rifles 6:07 min.

Paul from Brownells introduces us to their new Retro line of rifles including the BRN601, XBRN16E1, BRN16A1, XBRN177E2 and the BRN-10.

FightLite Raider (SCR) Pistol: How Does it Work? 5:07 min.

Even if you can’t figure it out, it’s still creative.

And Here’s the FightLite Raider in Action Plus The MCR (Full Auto) On The Range 1:57 min.

There has been a lot of interest in FightLite’s Raider (SCR Pistol) since its announcement a couple months ago. And speculation about how it might be brutal on recoil and practically unshootable. Well, that isn’t the case! I also got my hands on their MCR belt-fed upper in full-on machine gun flavor, and it was awesome.

Magpul Keeps Pushing the Envelope!! 7:54 min.

Jon visits Duane Liptak, the EVP of Magpul, to close our coverage of Shot Show 2018

And One for the Future?

Forward Defense Munitions 1:33 min.

Forward Defense Munitions, Co. brings the firearm into the 21st century by directly addressing dangerous design flaws in current systems, which lead to overheating and jamming, and result in limited sustained firepower! FDM’s design focuses on preventing overheating, minimizing jamming, and enabling greater sustained firepower. The new system utilizes a multi-bore barrel, a new ammunition delivery system, electronic fire control, and an entirely new action!

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