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Should SC police seize guns based on threats, but no crime? Trump, Graham say ‘yes’ (VIDEO)

THE STATE.COM August 15, 2019 –  South Carolina’s Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham says the best way to curb mass shootings is for states to identify people who pose a threat to themselves or others and keep guns out of their hands.

President Donald Trump has endorsed the idea.

But will South Carolina’s Legislature, controlled by Republicans, agree?

It doesn’t appear likely.

S.C. Republicans seem to have little appetite to pass so-called “red flag” legislation, which supporters say would give states and communities tools to intervene when a person is deemed an imminent threat to themselves or others before they’ve committed any crime.

That intervention could result in a person temporarily losing possession of their firearms and the right to buy guns.

And while some Democrats are supportive, others say they’re skeptical such a measure will gain traction in the GOP-controlled General Assembly, adding the proposal would be nowhere near enough to stop gun violence.

The dissonance between the president and the state’s GOP lawmakers and senior Republican in Congress comes in the wake of mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, earlier this month that have reignited the national debate over what to do about gun violence.

In the pair of shootings, which occurred within a 14-hour period, more than 30 people were killed and dozens more injured.

As chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham has vowed to push a bipartisan “red flag” bill with the Trump’s support to empower law enforcement to be able to take guns away from people deemed to be a threat and to prevent them from buying guns in the first place.

Graham announced last week he reached a deal with U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., on a bill that would start a federal grant program to help states pass their own “red flag” laws.

The senators have not filed their legislation yet. But Graham has said the bill would provide federal grant money that would help states hire mental health professionals that can assist law enforcement in making the tough call of when to intervene, by identifying whether a person is likely to harm others.

After the Ohio and Texas shootings, Trump said he would support “red flag” legislation. [Read More]

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