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The Top 10 Ultimate Survival YouTube Channels 12:20 min.

Today, we’re imagining a world far removed from civilization, as we countdown the Top 10 YouTube Survivalist Channels.

Prepper SHTF ~ Survival What-If Scenarios 10:31 min.

This is the ‘Anything Can Happen’ and usually does scenario.

Economic Collapse Survival Map – Risk Analysis of best area in United States 5:58 min.

Where would be the place in the United States to be in the event of an economic collapse? This video is not intended for dedicated preppers with survival skills, but for the unprepared with no stored food. This video also uses a selection process that can be modified with different variables to consider other geographic choices.

Types of People to Avoid in after SHTF or WROL Groups not to trust when allowing into your group 11:14 min.

This is a short video about a few types of people or groups that should be avoided after SHTF or WROL. Most of the videos about survival topics focus on the types of events, people and situations you may encounter or have to deal with after s**t hits the fan.

Ten Things We Wish We’d Known Before We Went Off Grid 10:27 min.

If you are a stranger to DIY (do-it-yourself) this should help resolve your curiosity.

After the Collapse: Martial Law & Phases of SHTF 13:21 min.

A potential timeline of events that might ensue post-disaster from anarchy to excessive rule of law and everything in between.

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