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Why a Simple Solution to School Shootings is Ignored By Gun Controllers

Bob Rogers

Thursday, January 25, 2018 – We’ve heard it too many times when there’s been another school shooting: “We need more gun laws!” and “…if it would save even just one life….” Those who want to blame the NRA and the “gun lobby” spend wasted time calling for Congress and state legislatures to ban this and ban that. Instead, they wail, cry, and use the complicit national news media to respond to their barking dog noise to press for more laws to govern Americans who don’t break those laws. And what happens when another school shooting occurs? Shannon Watts and her Demanding Moms and the Brady Bunch, along with “Giffords,” totally ignore the most obvious and cheapest remedy: Hiring trained school security officers.

America has a large supply of retired cops and military that make up a treasure chest of protection for school students and their faculty members. Little to no training is required since they’ve all had experience. They already own rifles and sidearms and know how to use them. They have dedication to the mission. Some even have children and grandchildren that might even be part of the student body they are there to protect. Given all the wasted money on frivolous educational efforts – take a few minutes and you’ll come up with a long list – shouldn’t “protection” for students top the list equally as much as new computers? They are more interested in ballot initiatives and anti-gun legislation than they are in protecting schools from avoidable criminal activity that will take more lives of young students, whether by the numbers or while crying about “if we could save even just one life…”

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