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The Spray Can is the Growing Symbol of Factless-based Journalism

Thursday, May 18, 2017  — Wanna get your message out quickly to a mindless majority? Try spray can journalism. It’s the new tool of America’s Misinformation Streaming Media (MSM, for short). So, please pardon the intrusion, but I ran across a letter from a reader of the Los Angeles Times yesterday that makes the only point necessary about self-protection and home defense. I wanted to share it with our GunProPlus readers here:  The Farce, as we will call it, is the content the MSM uses to accommodate low information Americans who get their daily dose of “news” blown in their faces to confuse their sense of logic and steer them into unrequited love of false pretenses about guns.

The short letter from the LA Times reader, a cop by profession, puts the lie to the notion that gun control saves lives. Sure, you’ve heard that before. That’s what the MSM counts on. Say something loud enough and long enough and it must be true, right? Because you “read it in the paper” (or on the nightly TV ‘news’). But then there’s this excerpt from online political publication, The Hill, carrying the headline, Our Police Need Protection From Gun Violence, Too. “Solving gun violence is a complex problem. But one reason why so many officers are killed with guns is because our laws too easily let dangerous people get their hands on firearms (our underline).”  No, our laws only keep law-abiding citizens from getting their hands on firearms. “Dangerous people” get their guns from other dangerous people in the back alleys of Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, St. Louis, and other American cities. Or they steal them for resale to thugs who could kill you.

These two short examples of how the Misinformation Streaming Media works to disarm Americans should give anyone with half a brain the real truth that they’re getting scammed. Or spray painted with untruths designed to make them think that only the political ruling class have the smarts to save them from pending murder.

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