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Spring and Summer Deer Scouting: Will Most Bucks Relocate Come Fall?

REALTREE.COM From the Archives – Many deer hunters out there believe spring and summer scouting is obsolete. They think it isn’t worth the effort it takes to slip on your Mucks or the gas it takes to drive to the farm. In some cases, they might be right. But mid-year scouting is far from worthless.

For the most part, spring whitetails behave similarly to summer whitetails and roughly 40 to 50 percent of summer whitetails won’t relocate come fall. My personal data and experiences (I keep a detailed journal) have shown that almost half of the deer you monitor this off-season will still be there come deer season this fall. Reason enough to spend some time glassin’, eh? Of course, every situation is different and I can’t guarantee your experiences will be the same as mine. But it’s worth a look. [Read More]

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