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Spring Training for Retrievers

DUCKS.ORG – Spring is a time of renewal, and for your retriever that means reinforcing techniques that may have given way to the excitement of duck season. Multiple birds falling, the chaos of duck blinds full of people, boats, dog hides, and tough weather conditions can all be contributing factors to retrievers losing their way. Here’s a list of the most common post-duck season issues and accompanying videos to help guide you through each lesson.

Mike Stewart, owner of Wildrose Kennels in Oxford, Mississippi, can list thousands of different training regimens that you should focus on right now, but one aspect that he stresses is conditioning. Much overlooked and crucial to peak performance, conditioning should come with a training focus. “Dogs are athletes and must be conditioned as such,” Stewart says. “Proper exercise and nutrition should always be a priority, and it’s this time https://www.ducks.org/hunting/retriever-training/7-retriever-training-secretsof year when some dogs don’t get enough attention in these areas.”

Exercise in the form of running or swimming is one thing, but Stewart says that proper exercise should come with a purpose. Have a purpose for every move that you make with your retriever. There should be a goal every time you step outside with a bumper. Take everything you can from last waterfowl season and turn it into a part of your exercise and training sessions this spring.  [full article]

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