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Squirrel Bowhunting VIDEOS

Squirrel Bow Hunting, 1:32 min.

This is what happens when the deer movement is slow. D shows us how he turned a deer hunt in to a squirrel hunt. Bow hunting squirrels isn’t something you see every day.

Small Game Squirrel Hunting with the G5 S.G.H., 3:39 min.

Squirrel hunting, 4 tree rats taken with bow and G5 S.G.H. tipped arrows!

Squirrel Hunting | UNBELIEVABLE SHOT with a RECURVE, 3:28 min.

Tag along as we go squirrel hunting in the hills of Pennsylvania with traditional archery tackle.

Double Down Squirrels, 2:53 min.

Tim Wells doubles on squirrels at half draw and kills one with massive testicles.

Big Tree Squirrel Bowhunting, 3:15 min.

North of the border in Alberta the trees are full of squirrels.

7-Year-Old Boy Squirrel Hunt with Bow., 3:11 min.

First squirrel with bow and three others. Slow motion too.

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