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Squirrel Hunting VIDEOS

Squirrel Hunting Tips & Tricks 4:58 min.

Ya know, so you can add more pieces to your squirrel dumplings. Rated Red’s Luke Williams walks you through some tips and tricks before going squirrel hunting.

We Go Hunting for Squirrels Using a Red-Tailed Hawk 3.39 min.

It was one of the biggest rushes we’ve ever experienced. Rated Red’s Paxton Elrod heads to East Tennessee to join falconer Chase Young–and his red-tailed hawk Tiberius–for a squirrel hunt.

A Primitive Squirrel Hunt | Live Free or Die 2:03 min.

Matt uses his atlatl, a weapon once used to take down woolly mammoths, to hunt a squirrel.

Squirrel Hunting In The Fall With A Shotgun: 5 Squirrels 5:23 min.

I started off turkey hunting but was having no luck and I noticed how many squirrels were around me so I started shooting them and I hit my limit. What a great hunt.

Squirrel hunting on Pennsylvania’s opening day of squirrel season. 3:46 min.

Squirrel hunting on Pennsylvania’s opening day of squirrel season.

Squirrel Hunting with the Grandkids 8:31 min.

Tim takes his two granddaughters into the woods for a fall squirrel hunt. The woods are quiet but the girls have a hard time doing just that!

Squirrel hunting at its finest 7:35 min.

You may now be able to afford a fancy rifle for squirrels but if you look around you’ll be surprised at what the imagination can do.

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