Steve Comus: In a Target-rich Editorial Environment Guns Are On The Winning Side

Steve Comus

September 26, 2017 — At many trapshooting tournaments around the country, it is common to play the national anthems of the United States and Canada before the shooting begins. All shooters stand for both. U.S. citizen shooters also put their hands over their hearts or deliver a hand salute when the U.S. national anthem is played. Shooters from both countries respect the musical symbol, not just of their own country, but also of the other.

That is not the way it is in all competitive arenas these days, to say nothing of fake news and society at large. Contempt, lies and deceit vs. honesty, respect and responsibility. The gun culture is on the winning side, now and forever. It is the difference between real and virtual.

The more digitally connected society is, the farther apart people become. That’s predictable, given the fact that universal access to communications media affords a limitless stage for whiners, misfits and malcontents. For them, it’s lonely at the bottom.

Just recently, we see that the Washington Post newspaper has joined the anti-gun cabal in twisting data to suit their anti-gun purpose, even when it means telling lies in the process.

We see a continuation of false claims when it comes to defensive use of firearms and, just because it doesn’t matter in the course of human events, we see the National Football League put one foot in its mouth while kicking itself clearly between the legs with the other foot – good trick, considering they didn’t have a leg to stand on in the first place.

The Washington Post rag recently suggested that 23 “children” were shot each day in the U.S. To set the record straight, 1.3 percent of children between birth and age 14 who died accidentally were killed by a firearm.

So, what about all the others? Well, in order to have more shocking numbers, the Post included folks who were aged 14 through 18. We’re talking about a lot of gang bangers now.

Let’s talk about gang bangers, drug dealers and the like. Their criminal misuse of almost anything they touch skews any statistic significantly. Anyone interested in truly doing something about death rates needs to tackle the gang/drug element if there is going to be any significant solution. The antis, of course, are not interested in solutions. They merely want to whine and deny others the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. They want to shred the fabric of this society in contemptuous ways like disrespecting the flag and the national anthem and anything else that represents the greatest country on earth. They hate themselves and want to hate all of us, just to get even.

When it comes to misleading folks about defensive use of firearms, the antis love to show “statistics” about women – the argument being that if a woman opts to defend herself with a firearm, she is much more likely to be a victim of gun violence. That’s simply not true, but the antis continue to twist numbers until they meet their agenda. I could go through a bunch of baloney when it comes to those numbers, but suffice it to say that the arguments of the antis are specious and that there are other places in Gun Pro Plus to find them.

Yet how sexist can the antis be? To suggest that women who choose to defend themselves with firearms are somehow less likely to be able to do it than men just because they are women is an insult to both men and women. It is also a lie.

Finally, we get to the NFL circus. That situation may not have anything to do with guns directly, but it does address respect for the country and its symbols like the flag and national anthem. Seems as though it has become in vogue for players to disrespect both.

It is not a “freedom” issue, as some would suggest. Rather, it is about the blatant disrespect players and others in the NFL have for this country and its symbols.

Here is where the gun culture comes into the discussion. The gun culture is all about respect and responsibility. Gun owners and shooters must first respect the firearm for what it is, what it represents and what it can do. None of us can un-shoot an errant bullet.

To respect the gun, we must respect ourselves and to respect ourselves in society, we must respect the symbols of that society. If there are aspects of society that we find intolerable, we take steps to change them. We don’t take a knee – and our uniforms don’t have knee pads like those of the NFL.

The NFL is all about money, not social activism. In the end, the marketplace will settle that dispute. It was heartening, however, to see that NASCAR leaders will tolerate no such disrespect.

It doesn’t matter which of these or many other topics one picks, the bottom line is the same. The antis – whether anti-gun or anti-flag or anti-anthem – have no respect, no ethics and no moral imperative. They think that their lies and deceits will win in the end.

The gun culture, on the other hand, shoots straight and knows that what really wins ultimately is truth, justice and the American way. Doesn’t hurt to have a little divine intervention in the process. And, yes, we do cling to our guns and Bibles. Comforting, isn’t it?

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