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Students with Guns

Bob Rogers

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 – ‘I saw the gun and had to run’: Student shot, killed by classmate at Butler High School – A breaking news headline at 12:17 pm yesterday.

It happened in Matthews, North Carolina. But it could have happened at any school throughout the United States. Too frequently we have run similar headlines about students in elementary, middle and high schools who have been found with a gun in their backpacks or otherwise concealed in their clothing. Fortunately, in the majority of such cases, the gun is discovered before it can be used to shoot another student. We understand that bullying is still rampant on school grounds and some students feel the need for protection. In most all cases, the kids don’t tell their parents or school staff for fear of being disarmed and feeling vulnerable.

That’s the problem. The solution? Forget the heavy overriding calls from gun controllers for more of the same ineffective antidote. That’s tired and proven unworkable. Schools have budgets for everything…for every activity and many of them produce revenue to buy footballs, basketballs, uniforms and lots other equipment. Rarely, however, do they put aside money to protect students from danger just waiting to happen. Hard-targeting schools could solve that problem. Electronic entry, metal detectors, perimeter fencing, and armed security seems almost too simple for school administrators to comprehend. Instead, they risk making criminals out of students with either a grudge, a rotting romance, or some simple difference of opinion with potential student victims.

Instead, most of what we’ll hear over the next couple of days – yes, the uproar won’t last long enough to encourage administrators to act responsibly – is the ubiquitous call for more gun control. The anti-gunners – Demanding Moms of Everytown, Giffords and Brady – will all focus on more gun control, as if existing gun control could have stopped the Butler High School shooting. Instead, one student was shot in the back in his effort to run away from the shooter, a classmate, now a potential criminal charged with murder who, one way or another, will lose his life, too.

So who’s responsible for that; the NRA? Gun shows? Bump stocks? Millions of law-abiding gun owners? The gun grabbers need to concentrate on another target. Forget the euphemisms about gun safety, i.e., gun control. They’re not fooling anybody but low information voters with that crap. Get real. Kids are dying at the hands of fellow students, and all the grabbers can think of to stop it is to blame gun makers, gun sellers and gun owners.

Instead of gun “safety” try school safety. The odds are much better.

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