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Taking My Guns and Goin’ Fishing

Making American Great Again may be more than a slogan next time around   

Bob Rogers

In a sea of red the first thing that comes to mind might be a hungry shark and maybe that’s the way the Demanding Moms see the ocean. But we’ve caught plenty of fish in ponds much smaller than this so we’re not particularly impressed by either the picture or the message that, if Minnesota’s state legislature wants to be controlled by Democrats, they only need to catch two more fish to fill their limit. Currently, the Minnesota state House has a one-seat Republican edge, 34 Republicans to 33 Democrats.  Thus, their warning that the one fish edge that keeps the stringer from limiting out is still swimming free.

There’s no question but that, without Michael Bloomberg’s money – unlike the NRA’s funding source of freedom loving members – the Moms would still be baiting hooks and Shannon Watts would still be writing press releases for a living. Instead, ol’ Mike, still in the wisp of thinking that maybe he shouldn’t have dropped out of the presidential primaries but still can’t definitively make up his mind, keeps betting that his one-ballot-initiative-at-a-time strategy will spark the magic of national gun control.

But the Moms – give them credit for their paper catfish success in claiming victories snatched from the bowels of the DNC last November – are proving to be much more successful at gun politics than Giffords or Brady in claiming it was their doing that flipped House Rep. seats from Republican to Pelosi control. But that was one election, and to sustain any political drive they’ll have to practice their casting skills well into next year’s elections when many of those same House seats could just as easily return to Republican sitters.

At some point – possibly as early as around three months from now – the U.S. Supreme Court justices may finally decide they’ve waited long enough since Heller to address the cacophony of state and municipal gun control bills that have been allowed to run uncontrollably rampant for more than a decade. A decision on a case brought by the New York Rifle & Pistol Association may be the most artful display of a double haul anybody has seen since McDonald v the City of Chicago almost a decade ago.

If that happens, the Moms will need some new canvas with which to catch a lucky breeze on the way to their next sailing venture.  Or, maybe – just maybe – those speculators who predicted a Hillary win last time around will have learned that our whale of a president deserves yet another round of hook baiting.

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