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The Anti-gun Gang Mentality

Steve Comus

Monday, October 1, 2018 — Three items in the news recently address different elements of the same game – get rid of privately owned guns. Doesn’t matter whether we’re paranoid. They are still out to get us.

The real target of the gun grabbers is not guns at all. It is us. They want to take from us our freedom, our souls and all that makes us independent spirits.

The anti-gun crowd is using extra-governmental action to: (1) control government, and (2) control the populace as a result. They don’t want us to own guns, smoke tobacco, or even use plastic drinking straws. Through their actions, they want what most dictators never achieve – complete domination.

The gun represents everything the grabbers loathe. Their arrogance knows no bounds. They first appoint themselves saviors of the world and then proceed to subvert everything they don’t like. As we have been want to say from time to time: gun control is not about guns. It is about control.

First in the recent troika of attacks came in the form of a “soft” shot in the Daily Trojan. It was nothing more than warmed-over anti-gun mantra that questions what the Second Amendment actually means. In their minds, it must not really mean what it says, because if it really means what it says, then the gun-grabbing game is over.

They bring up the tired “militia” term in the amendment, once again postulating that maybe the amendment actually is about militias. Bull!

First, there can be no question about that part of the discussion, because 2A is in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is not about government rights or freedoms, but rather about personal, individual freedoms. ‘Nuff said.

Then the article goes on to try to equivocate some of the wording of 2A. Bull! The words mean exactly what they say. If nothing else, some of the confusion may come from the fact that the founding fathers insisted on an extreme economy of words. The founding fathers were not playing with words. They were weaponizing them.

Second item recently was news that billionaire Michael Bloomberg was planning to spend $100 million in the mid-term elections to assure that gun-grabbing politicians are elected.

Bloomberg is among the ultra-elitists who think they have the right dictate to the world how it operates because they envision themselves brighter and better than the rest of us, due to their privileged place in society. Literally, he wants the government he can buy. If the electorate were truly informed, that would be impossible. Problem is that the more widely communications expand, the less there is true communication, which means that many voters are simply ignorant – ignorant because they are too lazy and self-centered to give a damn about what happens so long as it doesn’t interfere with their video games.

Third item recently has been all the hoopla about Brett Kavanaugh and the confirmation process for him to become a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Although his opponents cite many different reasons for their not wanting him to be confirmed, private ownership of guns is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, thing that is stuck in their craw.

Confirmation of Kavanaugh (or any other constitutionalist for that matter) virtually guarantees that the Supreme Court will cease legislating from the bench and actually follow the Constitution in their decisions. Which, of course, means the individual right to keep and bear arms. Subversives will fight that all the way because it would check for generations what they might be able to do to undo everything this country has stood for since the beginning.

As a result, antis attack every day in every way. They go to social media where they think that by making more noise, they will drown out reason.

They spend like drunken sailors, thinking they can buy enough support to force their views on an unsuspecting populace in ways that trick the low information voters into endorsing the antis’ cancerous rot in the process.

They use all of the tricks known to redefine words and concepts in ways that subvert their actual and traditional meanings. To achieve this nefarious goal, the antis must be able to phrase the argument with words that don’t mean what others think they mean. Deceit is their stock in trade.

Demonic is an accurate description of what the antis really are. Laws are nothing but words on paper that have no meaning at all unless people opt to recognize and then follow what they suggest.

For the antis, the draconian laws they propose are nothing more than anesthetizing vehicles to take the game to the next level. In the process of promoting these legal shackles, the antis want to numb the minds of the electorate. By doing that, they can transform independent spirits into mindless sheeple.

Then, once the sheeple accept the subversive laws, the antis’ argument can go to the final level where there is knew-jerk self-subjugation of the populace. At that point, the sheeple follow for the sake of following, having surrendered any hint of individuality.

All of these are but precursors of the antis’ grand plan. They want to suck the souls out of every citizen, leaving hollow shells who blindly follow their dictates.

To achieve this, those satanic forces will stop at nothing, and work tirelessly on every front, all of the time. Without it, they are nothing. They have no legitimate reason to exist, except to erode both society and those in it. Literally, they want to turn Heaven into hell.

The operative question is whether they will win. So long as society has enough freethinking individuals, antis will lose. Victory against such subversion is possible, but not automatic. As much as they toil every day in every way to subvert, patriots must fight back everywhere, anywhere, all the time. If so, we win. If not, we lose. It truly is that simple.

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