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The Canonization of the Parkland Students

Steve Comus

Friday, June 1, 2018 — What the heck is going on out there in the world? If it seems like things are crazy, it is because they are.

So long as there is open access to the Internet, a cabal comprised of misfits, malcontents and other assorted eight-balls will steal the oxygen from any public discussion in an attempt to force their views onto everyone else. They seek to dominate via info-bludgeon.

Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Physics: “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction” seems to be alive and well as a result of what the gun grabbers have been spewing out lately.

For example, in the wake of school shootings, while a big chunk of society has been attacking guns and law-abiding citizens who own them, the National Rifle Association of America, target of those anti-gunners, has seen its membership spike from a “paltry” 5 million to 6 million – and climbing.

Part of the assault on guns recently has focused on “students,” the young folks who some would have us believe hold a mystic form of enlightenment that is all about gun control. They canonize these teens publicly but exploit them privately.

Yet the gun grabbers see nothing inconsistent with demanding that the minimum age for gun ownership should be 21. Crazy. If high schoolers are so enlightened and mature, why can’t they be trusted with guns at their younger age? The actual answer is simple: gun grabbers don’t think anyone can be trusted with guns, regardless of his or her age.

By using young folks as shills, the gun grabbers have hoped to sucker-in the rest of society. This hasn’t worked, because not all young folks have backed the anti-gun agenda.

In fact, studies show that the millennials don’t actually fall into any kind of monolithic group in this regard and that a high percentage of them like the idea of carrying guns for self-defense.

It would be one thing if guns were the only things under attack by the enemies of freedom. But the only thing about guns that puts them into the category of fodder for attack is that the antis don’t like them.

Some people may think that the gun control controversy is all about guns. Hardly. It is about control vs. freedom. Always has been. Antis can’t handle freedom for others but demand that they have the freedom to dictate others’ lives for them. To antis, if they want someone else’s opinion, they will tell that person what that person’s opinion is, so to speak.

In today’s information-overloaded digital quagmire, it doesn’t matter whether the subject is firearms or fish sticks. If the thought police don’t like it, they launch their virulent attacks and the sheeple in the audience jump aboard blindly, leaving observers to believe incorrectly that something of consequence is in the offing.

Truth is that there is nothing but hatred and negativity in the midst. Those self-loathers who attack the gun culture are not merely anti-gun or anti-establishment. They are anti-human. They hate everything, including themselves. How else can the many social phenomena surrounding Gundom be explained?

The NRA membership spiking experience essentially speaks for itself. The more viciously that group is attacked, the more it grows in an almost knee-jerk fashion. The unprecedented member recruitment is the reaction of right-thinking freedom lovers to the efforts by the thought police and gun grabbers to take away their guns and their way of life – including the means to defend their own lives.

The actual millennial response to attacks on guns is another matter entirely.

“Generation Y’ers or millennials—the generation born between 1980 and 2000—have proven frustratingly non-compliant with the anti-gun bias that progressives have attempted to cultivate,” stated David Burnett in an article in America’s 1st Freedom. “Despite attending the anti-gun incubators of public universities, millennials’ politics have confounded experts by being friendlier toward firearms than expected.

“Polling by Gallup has shown only half of Americans under the age of 35 support more gun control, and that millennials statistically aren’t more likely than their forebears to support gun control. Another devastating Gallup poll showed two-thirds of millennials believe concealed carry made them safer.”

Through the years, gun grabbers and other enemies of freedom have been consistent in one regard: they always overreact in dictatorial fashion. They believe they are entitled to everything and that others should not be allowed to have anything.

This phenomenon is predictable when small minds are allowed to have large audiences. Everything is magnified out of proportion to the advantage of the antis and to the detriment of the rest of society.

As intriguing as the attacks are the unjustified responses that normal folks afford the enemies of freedom. Individuals, companies and social institutions actually give the antis credence by way of serious attention and sincere responses.

The antis do not deserve such recognition. They need to be ignored. But folks don’t seem to want to do that. This is perhaps the most tragic result of allowing anyone to say anything at any time, whether or not there is a whit of truth or logic to it.

“Just say no” was part of the war on drugs. Wouldn’t be a bad concept for responses to the social pariahs known as antis.

To a degree, it could be suggested that this is precisely what the Trump effect is all about. Maybe so. And, if so, crank up the amps. If it is working a little, it will work better at full volume.

Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if it looks like things are crazy out there. That’s because they are.

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