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The Cheap Shots Just Keep Coming

The Cheap Shots Just Keep Coming

Virginia rally exposes the gun control-owned media’s fear that the U.S. might run out of mass shootings.  Not a chance.

Bob Rogers

It’s becoming quite clear that the gun control owned media was disappointed by yesterday’s peaceful gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia. The Washington Post, which did a credible job of reporting without bias (they must have been grinding their teeth while writing the story for their editors’ eyeballs) returned to business as usual this morning with this headline: Marching Around with Guns On Your Chests: That’s all About Fear and then began writing: Ya’all, it smelled like fear.”

Then continued: “To a rally. A peaceful rally. On city streets in a quiet state capitol on a holiday weekend. That’s a uniform of fear, right there. Fear of having to pass a background check if they want to buy a gun from a private individual? Fear of not being able to buy more than one handgun every month? Fear of not being able to carry an AR-15 across your chest to a county fair that doesn’t want your weapon aboard the tilt-a-whirl? Fear of not getting help taking a gun away from your suicidal son? Because those are all the restrictions on guns that the Virginia House of Delegates passed last week. The outsized turnout, vigor and rancor in Richmond on Monday – thousands of demonstrators filled the capitol grounds and surrounding streets – is a reaction based on fear, not fact.”

And “fear, not fact” from a newspaper that sees fact more as opinion when it comes to guns and whose slogan is Democracy Dies in Darkness. Factual darkness about guns and gun politics, no doubt.

If anything smelled it wasn’t “fear” from the rally’s thousands of gun owners. It was disappointment which the controllers hope would die in the light of day.  Instead, what they witnessed was not armed conflict, not men and women with guns going nose-to-nose with prepared-to-engage cops who, if real truth were known, might have opted for standing alongside the rally-goers but, instead, they only smelled disappointment that no one fired a shot, no one from either apolitical persuasion threatened violence on other rally folks, and no one was arrested. Well, not exactly. One woman was arrested…for wearing a mask. We think it might have been worn to avoid frozen nostrils in the bitter cold Monday.

If anything, fear was nowhere to be found in the emotions of the rally’s law-abiding gun owners and, as another story pointed out, TV journalist Alison Barker was shot and killed over five years ago while doing an interview for Roanoke, Virginia’s CBS affiliate WDBJ. She wasn’t shot by a law-abiding gun owner such as one who rallied yesterday in Richmond, but by a fellow journalist who partially blamed Alison for losing his job at the TV station. That’s not fiction, which has no smell. That’s a smelly WaPo fact. In Barker’s honor, a Virginia Delegate, Chris Hurst, plans to co-sponsor so-called “red flag” legislation this year. Hurst was Barker’s boyfriend.

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