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The Coyote Caller’s Playbook

AMERICAN HUNTER.ORG – You don’t hunt whitetails the same in September as you do in December, so why would you stick with the same coyote strategies from the start of predator season to the end? Of course, you might if you had access to thousands of acres of prime coyote country that doesn’t receive hunting pressure, as those coyotes wouldn’t have learned that the death throes of a bunny might not be real. Those coyotes have never experienced the chase from an accelerating truck bouncing across a pasture blazing a dusty path toward them. Those coyotes have never felt their hide burn from a near miss after they’d investigated a squeaking rodent… . With the surge in popularity of predator hunting, those un-hunted spots mostly just exist in daydreams. So instead of moping around the house wishing Ted Turner would offer you access to his vast estates, here’s how to call in coyotes that have heard it all.  [Read More]

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