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The Curious Case of the Russian Gun Rights Comrade

Bob Rogers

Friday, July 20, 2018 – We hesitate to get into the Trump/Putin in Helsinki media flap. Yet, the president’s adversaries are determined to turn over every stone in the political creek in the search for anything that might send Donald Trump to the showers. That includes the coverage of Maria Butin, the Russian girl with a diploma from American University in Washington, DC, who covets guns and wants to bring NRA-styled credibility to Russia’s civilian pro-gun advocacy population.

That the liberal – and some conservative – media is upset with Trump’s timid foreign presser visibly suggests our president was a bit frightened to square off with his oft-shirtless, horse riding Russian adversary. A second round of political pugilism is scheduled for a Fall visit by Putin in DC. This suggests Trump has more interest in working with, rather than against, his Moscow counterpart.

Not insignificant to this, according to the vacillating media, is Butin. Maria loves guns, reason enough for American lefties to want her tarred and feathered and sent back to her southern Siberian hometown near the Kazach border where she learned to shoot and hunt.

The back story that has the media all aflutter is Butin’s aggressive climb into the political upper echelons of the NRA. Headline: Russian girl tells Wayne LaPierre she loves guns.

Perpetually, Maria has been photographed many times posing with guns. Odd? No. She founded the Federation to Keep and Bear Arms in Russia, in deference to our NRA that she claims she wants to emulate. To the American media and to the increasingly suspect slow-to-drain alphabet swamp known more popularly as the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, ATF, DEA, etc.… ad infinitum – Maria must be a spy, probably right from the binders of women under the control of Vladimir Putin, himself.

Butin was reportedly quick to make connections with political insiders. Thus, squinty-eyed Psych-Central paranoidists are quick to twist their slim, pointy-mustache ends in deference to Maria’s motives and declare her guilty as charged.

Russian representatives have already met with her as she sits in jail, remanded without bail to the custody of American federal authorities and charged as a Russian spy only because she didn’t file as a foreign agent.

How many other Russian expats living, working or studying in America are there? We heard one estimate just last night from Tucker Carlson. “Thousands,” he screamed. At Sunday night’s ESPYS, winner as Best Athlete of 2018 was Alexander Ovechkin, winger and captain of the Washington Capitals ice hockey team champs. It was announced that Ovechkin was unable to be in L.A. to accept his award because he was with his wife, Anastasia Shubskaya, who was expecting a baby in Moscow at any moment.

Was Ovechkin also registered as a foreign agent or just a Russian tourist made good enough to become just another American capitalist?

All this US-Russia, Trump-Putin, Butin-FBI cacophony likely has at its source a desire from certainly many conservative Christian Americans for these two countries to work together to calm their respective political waters. Russia, like America, is a mostly Christian country. Orthodox Christians dominate in Russia which also has about 1.5 million Catholics and a growing flock of Evangelical Protestants who in their own way tend to be conservative.

Is it so difficult to imagine that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin might be trying to replicate Brezhnev-Eisenhower, Khrushchev-Kennedy, Gorbachev-Reagan in trying to ease tensions and come together as allies if only to accommodate each’s international political and economic goals?

Reports as recent as this morning indicate Putin’s interest in discussing Crimea with Trump. We’re also fairly certain Putin would like to discuss easing U.S. economic sanctions that resulted from Putin’s annexation of Crimea as shipping port access to the Mediterranean via the proposed canal route through Istanbul, Turkey.

Barack Obama issued economic sanctions against Russia as the result of the Crimea move and that came just mere months after Russia’s Concern Kalashnikov and what became the American KUSA had signed an agreement for KUSA to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of the famed AK-47 rifle.

We don’t yet know if Maria Butin has ulterior political motives, but until that theory is either clearer or proven, her desire to provide American Second Amendment-style self-protection for her Russian citizens is not yet a goal too far.

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