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The Epidemic of Gun Control Has ‘Rounded the Corner’

The other contagion gun owners have been battling has made a right turn

The virus crept into part of the American culture in March of 1981 following the criminal attack by John Hinckley with a gun on President Ronald Reagan. The president’s press secretary, Jim Brady, was shot in the head but survived. Congressional efforts to control guns resulted in the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act.

Since those early days of political gun control Brady drew competitors including Giffords (named after Gabby Giffords who was also shot) and Moms Demand Acti0n, the latter financed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg after Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Gun Violence eventually ran out of political gas.

Last night at the White House Justice Clarence Thomas gave the Oath of Office to Amy Coney Barrett, a gun owner, to become the sixth conservative Justice on the Supreme Court.

Democrats tried everything they could to trip Republicans’ efforts to get Barrett confirmed prior to next week’s presidential election. Chuck Schumer, Democrat Leader of the Senate was unable to stop the confirmation process.  Not that he didn’t try.

In one last lap, he strode to the microphone to say this about the confirmation: “It will go down as one of the darkest days in the 231-year history of the United States Senate.”

Sorry, but we maintain otherwise: It is the brightest – not the darkest – day in the 231-year history of the United States Senate.

Selling gun control against the Second Amendment to the Constitution has always been a luckless failing. Why? Because Americans like and want guns.

There was a time when guns were simply considered hardware for hunters, farmers and ranchers. Criminals bought – mostly from other criminals – or stole theirs from gun stores and citizens.

As efforts grew following mass shootings (defined as with four or more people murdered) gun control became anti-gun among the easily swayed population.  The NRA was thought to be the major target for the anti-gunners and, given its aggressive efforts on behalf of several million gun owners, the group gladly took on the challenge.

Much more can be said about gun control and those who illogically dispense the 2A but, up to this day, gun owners have relied upon the U.S. Supreme Court to ward off all efforts to make Americans surrender their guns, thanks mostly to the late Justice Antonin Scalia and his compadre Justices Roberts, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito all of whom affirmed the right of  Dick Heller, a security guard, to carry a weapon outside his home.

That effort resulted in two things; it energized the gun control movement which saw Congressional Democrats mostly in favor while Republicans became even stronger 2A supporters. You pretty much know the rest of the story: the gun grabbers have done everything they possibly can at the state, county, city and otherwise local level to game the electoral system in many ways with groundswell efforts.

Yes, they have elected Democrat governors to replace some Republicans.  They’ve gone after Congressional House Republicans and flipped seats.  They’ve dominated some state legislatures and thus held sway over passing ticky-tack ballot measures.

But by making a political inch into a national mile the gun controllers have overstepped their bounds.

The fight is not over by any means, but with six pro-gun conservative SCOTUS justices, we have just grown more backbone to set further gun control efforts back – way back – on its heels.

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