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The Feel-Good Shoot House

Bob Rogers

There’s a song, “A House is Not a Home,” which has been recorded over the years by many hip jazz singers. A line in the lyrics is, “…when there’s no one living there.”

It bespeaks a separation between its differing occupants for whatever reason frequently found when love is lost. That’s the scenario we’ll see this week when House Democrats finally keep their promise to their unhippy, unhappy followers to “do something” about gun crime (the emphasis here is on ‘crime,’ somewhat abhorrent to Democrats who prefer stressing guns that lump law-abiding gun owners with criminals). The rhapsodic lollipop? Universal background checks.

When the measure is introduced, House Democrats and the gallery will cheer Gabby Giffords, who will be on hand to honor the occasion as if to latently say to her would-be killer, Jared Lee Loughner, “you failed.” He certainly did, and now spends his days in a Minnesota federal lock-up reflecting on his crime.

In contrast, Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, shot on a baseball field in Virginia by a mentally misguided Bernie Sanders supporter and who was then killed by two cops, was not allowed to speak to his modified physical condition by the Democrat chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Why? Despite his having been shot and nearly murdered, he’s a pro-gun Republican and, to Democrats, he shouldn’t even be in the House.

Instead, Giffords, who has a gun violence prevention consortium named after her, will let House members know that not only will the House vote on H.R. 8 this week but, as if to fire a warning shot across the Republican Senate bow, her co-gun control husband and former astronaut, Mark Kelly, will now try to unseat Arizona’s duly appointed Republican Senator Martha McSally next year.

All this makes for a feel-good occasion in the House because they can say emphatically that, yes, they finally did something about guns. Nevermind that the effort will fail to even survive the move across the bicameral hallways onto the Republican majority Senate side. HR 8 will arrive as a small handful of crematoria refuse otherwise referred to as DOA, having been shot down even before leaving the House.

Oh, yes…additional lyrics to the inspiring song: “A room is a still a room, even when there’s nothing there but gloom. But a room is not a house and a house is not a home
when the two of us are far apart, and one of us has a broken heart.”

Feel better now, Nancy?

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