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NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – The Gun Rights Movement is Not Violent

PRESS RELEASE January 20, 2021 – On the morning of a Presidential inauguration that will take place behind unprecedented security after our Nation’s Capital Building was attacked by a small band of violent and destructive rioters, several leaders with the gun rights movement, feel it is important to make this clear.

Since the incursion that temporarily interrupted the certification of the Presidential Election on January 6th, some journalists, media pundits, anti-gun activists, and even a small number of elected officials have attempted to tie the Gun Rights Movement to the reprehensible acts that lead to deaths that day and fear of further violence this week. These claims are unfounded.

No gun rights organization or recognized leader called for violence on January 6th.

Political Violence goes against the heart of the gun rights movement. The Second Amendment protects gun rights in order to provide for defense. The gun community has denounced violence tied to protests throughout 2020, as we also condemn the violence and destruction of property at the US Capitol on January 6th without equivocation.

As early as the afternoon of January 6th, the President of the Second Amendment Institute International, Tyler Yzaguirre, who lives in Washington, DC, posted publicly, “Today there was an illegal and unprecedented charge on the U.S. Capitol. You have the right to “peacefully” protest. Not to put the lives of Members, police officers, and your fellow Americans in danger.”

Second Amendment Organization’s Executive Vice President, Rob Pincus, has vehemently denounced the violence and posted early during the gathering at the Capitol, “I’m sincerely hoping that this protest remains peacefully disruptive.”

Alan Gottlieb, Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, stated that the small band becoming violent at the US Capitol “…disturbed me greatly.”

The list of gun rights movement leaders who have shared similar thoughts is extensive. There are an estimated 100 Million Gun Owners in the United States with over 400 Million Guns. Less than 1000 rioters entered the US Capitol and not one of them fired a single shot. As David Yamane, a Professor at Wake Forest who studies Gun Culture, observed in his rebuke of a recent article in The Atlantic attacking our movement:

“As easy as domestic terrorism is to commit, few gun owners turn to insurrectionist violence.” [source article]

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