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The Impenetrable Constitution

The SCOTUS just received its ballistically plated body armor

Steve Comus

Gun grabbers will have a more difficult time trying to deny the citizenry of its rights in the future, thanks to a shift in the nation’s highest court. For the foreseeable future, the Supreme Court likely will rule that the Second Amendment means exactly what it says. What a concept! Should have been that way all along.

It is the want of humans in general and lawyers in particular to parse words and concepts in the context of personal/professional/political agendas, eventually perverting the original intent and meaning of the words. This is a long way of defining “lie.” The Supreme Court has been no exception since the days of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. That is about to change – dramatically and quickly.

Upon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, what had been a tenuous 5-4 conservative-leaning Supreme Court was open to be changed in a way not known since the pre-WWII socialist New Deal. The reason it was tenuous was that Chief Justice John Roberts has proven to be a bit of a wild card, voting on occasion with the liberal justices.

Considered conservatives on the court are Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas. Liberal justices are Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.

When Amy Coney Barrett, considered by many to be a disciple of former Justice Antonin Scalia for whom she clerked in her early career, joined the nation’s highest court last month, she formed a decided majority that doesn’t rely on the whims of Roberts in decisions.

I remember vividly a discussion Justice Scalia and I had while taking a break during one of Safari Club International’s Conventions that he attended to take part in a continuing education program there for lawyers. Scalia fondly explained how, in his younger days, he took his .22 rimfire target rifle on the subway in New York City from his home to a range to shoot. He chuckled as we mused about how taking a rifle on a subway in New York would be viewed these days. He also was a hunter (died on a hunting trip to Texas).

Barrett, like Scalia, is among those who are known as originalists or textualists. Briefly, this means that they interpret the Constitution as meaning what the framers meant when they wrote it.

It is unconscionable that there could be any other kind of thinking by any justice on the Supreme Court. Yet, over time both the high court and society have become corrupted by the forces of evil. Decisions have been handed down, based on agenda-driven perversions that fly in the face of the Constitution and everything it stands for.

An emotional tsunami swept over all of Gundom when Justice Barrett was sworn in because the Second Amendment to the Constitution has been the only thing standing between legal firearm ownership and a total gun ban. Attacks on 2A now are much less likely to succeed.

The totality of what has happened because of judicial appointments by the Trump administration won’t be known and felt fully for years because, in addition to appointing three conservative Justices to the high court, Trump also appointed nearly 200 federal judges who share basic cultural and judicial values.

This combination promises to change the dynamic of judicial decisions for decades to come. Additionally, it portends to change the kinds of laws that will be passed and the cases that will be filed in the first place, because many of the laws and cases that may have been passed and filed otherwise, simply won’t be because those involved will know that they will not win. Certainly, there would be many more anti-gun laws and legal attacks on 2A filed had the high court gone decidedly the other way.

In a left-handed kind of way, this change easily could move the gun debate from emotional attacks on the guns themselves to civil discussions of firearm use and misuse. That’s a lot to hope for, but at least the door is more open now than before.

Although most pundits merely focus on what specific judicial decisions are and what they interpret that those decisions mean in narrowly defined ways, there also is a herd dynamic that permeates the entire society and that is changing abruptly.

It is bad enough when pandering politicians sway with the prevailing political wind and their propaganda machines plant the seeds of perverted perception among the populace, which then are reflected in the trends of decisions from the bench. It is a perpetual, self-serving daisy chain.

Cultural perversions in recent times have flowed counter to the normal sequence wherein society should determine values espoused by politicians, which are ultimately ruled on by courts. Since the New Deal, the sequence often has gone backwards – starting with judicial decisions, then pandered by politicians and ultimately assumed valid by an uninformed/disinformed populace.

That is why otherwise obscure bozos in black robes have become rock stars among the evil class in society. Their illogic has put faces on champions of the subversives’ delusions, triggering levels of misguided activism not plausible had reason prevailed in the first place.

As much as an originalist Supreme Court is a kind of failsafe for 2A, the ultimate solution is for voters to elect only originalists to government at every level from local to federal. If no anti-gun laws are passed in the first place, there will be no reason for the courts to have to rule on them.

This is where the enemies of freedom try to mislead the populace. They focus only on the judiciary as justification for their perversions because they would have everyone believe that the unconstitutional laws are proper and that the Constitution really doesn’t mean what it says. It is totally backward, but what can one expect from evil intentions?

Culture guides society. What we are seeing now is a counter-counterculture, which promises to take us back to the basics that have allowed this society to be the greatest in human history despite a decades-long diversion.

No doubt, there will be much crying and gnashing of teeth among the subversives, who have shown they do not give up easily. But at least for the time being, there is light at the end of the judicial tunnel for the republic. And that’s not bad.

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