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The Kavanaugh Effect Goes Quietly Into the Night

Shelby Murdoc

December 15,  2018 — Last month’s elections didn’t go quite the way most gun owners probably hoped that they’d go. While the scenario in the Senate favored Republicans and the sentiment following the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh probably erased any hope that the Democrats could retake the upper chamber of Congress, the Kavanaugh Effect wasn’t strong enough to spill over and help the GOP retain the House of Representatives.

On election night, things looked close for a little while before it became obvious that the Democrats would pick up more than enough seats to claim a majority. While disappointing to many who quietly held hope that the Republicans could hang on, it wasn’t surprising to anyone. As had been widely noted, a new President’s party usually loses a large number of Congressional seats two years after his election, and 2018 turned out to be no exception. Conservatives looked at the results, sighed, and could console themselves that the Democrat majority in the House would be razor thin, smaller than the Republicans had held and far too small to mount a successful attack on the rights of American citizens.

Then a funny thing happened. The votes just kept coming in. For days. And more days. And then weeks. And—wouldn’t you just know it—virtually all of these additional votes were for Democrats. Go figure.

They were finding ballots everywhere. In closets. In back rooms. In cars and trucks. In the mail room. Over there in the corner of the counting area. Shucks, man. We just must have missed these. Give us a second to tally them up. Sorry about the delay. Won’t take a minute. Oh, will you look at that? Just enough votes to tilt a Republican victory into a Democrat surprise.

And, if you can believe it, the ballots are still trickling in. Absentee ballots are increasingly popular, and, in case it isn’t evident, they are not the most secure way of voting that’s ever been thought up.

Gun owners, breathing a little easier these days thanks to the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh and the Republican majority increasing slightly in the Senate, should be looking at both the Democrat majority in the House and the way that it became so large with more than a little bit of concern.

Were these elections stolen? I don’t know. While I had some hope that the GOP could somehow manage to cling to the House, I was not surprised when it became clear that the Democrats would take over. I was, in fact, thankful that the size of their majority wasn’t larger than it was. But as the days passed and result after result flipped from R to D, things really began to look more and more suspicious to me.

I’ve long held that elections should happen on Election Day, at the designated polling location, in person, with an official government photo ID, to vote on paper ballots. I wouldn’t mind seeing the indelibly-inked purple fingers we see voters in third-world nations get after they cast their ballot. If everyone had to prove that they were eligible to vote where they were trying to vote and that they hadn’t voted somewhere else already, faith in our electoral process would be greatly increased. Go ahead and count the ballots electronically, but verify the results with hand counts by third-party counters approved by all.

Since I’m talking to gun owners here, I feel comfortable mentioning that if we used an instant background check system similar to the NICS that you and I have to go through when buying a gun from a dealer it would be even better. If it’s quick and easy enough for citizens exercising their gun rights, it is quick and easy enough for citizens exercising their voting rights.

The Democrats have already announced that they’re going to push for a background check on every gun sale, whether it’s a dealer or a private party. Never mind the fact that the idea is unenforceable, expensive, and will do absolutely nothing to prevent criminals from acquiring guns. It is an infringement upon the rights of America’s citizens. And we both know that that won’t be the last idea on their gun control agenda over the next two years. I suppose we can just cross our fingers and hope they spend most of their time trying to impeach President Trump and that they neglect the rest of their agenda. Assuming they actually have more to their agenda than Dump Trump.

In the end, we should not sit idly by while faith in our elections erodes. Even if all of these after-the-deadline changes to results are legitimate—and we have every right to be skeptical—we should be demanding a better, more-secure voting process. It’s not only gun owners who should be demanding this. It’s everyone.

If they aren’t demanding more secure elections, they’re probably depending on stealing elections to get their way.

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