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The Labor Day Trophy

MONSTER MULEYS.COM From the Archives – It all started in late July when I decided to start scouting around my home in northern Arizona. I was seeing a great number of bucks, lots of small ones, but some real nice ones too. I felt confident that this was going to be a very good archery season. 

Having harvested various other animals with my bow, I really wanted to tag a trophy mule deer in the velvet, and I was determined to do so. I prepared myself in all possible ways; pre-season scouting, checking my hunting equipment to make sure it was in top shape, etc. 

Well it finally arrived! The opening day of archery deer season. Because of work, I was able to hunt for only a couple hours in the morning and evening. I used what time I had trying to find a good buck to hunt on the weekend, when I’d have more time. 

I was unsuccessful on opening day, but my hunting partner harvested a nice 22″ four point! It was a great way to start the season. The next morning, I went into the same area and found that it was over run with people, but decided to stick out the weekend, and was again unsuccessful. I had very little time the following week to hunt, but was able to fit in a few evening trips to checkout some new areas. 

The second weekend, I decided to try a favorite spot of mine that usually holds some nice bucks and where I had seen some great bucks while scouting. It was Labor Day weekend, but the area receives very little hunting pressure, so I figured it would be a good bet. On my way out on Friday evening, I spotted a toad of a buck, I figured he would score well in the 190’s. I spent the weekend searching for that buck, but never saw him again. [Read More]

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