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The Only Way To Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun is… to Repeal the Second Amendment

It began with Hillary but ended with Trump, thanks to all those rural residents

Bob Rogers

If you’re as tired of the anti-gun rhetoric as most of us, you already know the truth about protection for American gun owners is shrouded in the 2A. And thank God that it is.

Yet, here we are encouraging the gun controllers to launch a campaign to repeal the Second Amendment.  As if that were as easy as voting it out at the polls. Here’s a surprise:  it isn’t.

Liberals can vote all the way to paradise before they will ever succeed in abolishing that revered document. Yes, it was ratified way back in 1791. Lately, however, we’ve read a good argument for getting rid of – once and for all – a founding fathers’ document that unlike every other nation in the world allows  common American citizens the right of self-protection as well as in defense against governmental tyranny.

But let’s use Donald Trump’s election in 2016 as a template for dumping the 2A. As everybody knows – especially liberal democrats – polls predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the seat now occupied by President Trump. Say that once again:  President Trump.

We watched and heard the air go out of the room when it was announced on TV that Trump had won.  “How could that be?”…incredulously asked CNN, MSNBC and all those newspaper headline writers just waiting for the official word about President Hillary. 

That word never came.  Instead, media predictors, likely better at anticipating a thunder storm than a political one, fell flat.  Flat wrong. And why? Because Trump won the electoral college. Had Hillary done that, cheers would have gone up from the geographic center of the United States, Lebanon, Kansas, population 218. Instead, Democrats now want to get rid of the electoral college and those rural states that went for the new President.

Trump won by 308 votes (equals 30 states) to Hillary’s 20+DC.  Maine was split between both candidates. The majority of Trump’s states were so-called flyover (rural) states where, incidentally, guns are in heaviest supply and use.

In a similar way, repeal of the Second Amendment – or any one of the other amendments ad infinitum, requires 3/4ths of the states in a Constitutional Convention, or 38 states, again, the majority of which are rural.

Chances of that happening are about nil to none.

Yet, there is an argument to be made.  We’ve recently seen an intelligently scribed editorial alleging that since the 2A was done in “the age of muskets” the founder couldn’t have foreseen the creation of modern firearms including even the plastic Glocks any more than they could have predicted television, space ships to the moon, or even smart phones. Thus, the author contends, the Constitution needs to be updated say, every 50 years to keep up with advancing technology and contemporary norms.

That may be a good point to ponder somewhere, someday.  But the real-life conclusion of American politics is that nearly all the gun control groups and/or laws in America are subject to constitutional oversight and, guns being very and almost too visible these days, they’re not going anywhere until, deep down in the bowels of earth, lava turns to ice.

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