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The Ox That Roared Gored O’Rourke

We’re told it’s something about a pig and lipstick

Bob Rogers

“Hell, yes!” That was the answer Robert “Beto” O’Rourke gave to ABC News’ David Muir last night when the TV toaster opened up the Democratic presidential debate questioning about guns by calling on O’Rourke to confirm the congressman’s pledge to openly allow the federal government to buy back all civilian versions of AR and AK model rifles. While we appreciate sincerity, something more must be added before just wishing anything will come true only by appeasing the democrat audience’s cheers. That “something more” would be O’Rourke’s political epiphany that wrenched his anti-gun philosophy in 2018 when, as the opponent to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, O’Rourke allowed that, as a condition of his gun control creds, owners of so-called weapons of war could keep them. That, of course, was before the mass shooting last month in O’Rourke’s home base of El Paso.

Thus, “keep them” has now turned to a forced federal buy-back scheme of roughly 16 million AR/AK rifles whose owners might be a bit reluctant to give them up at any price.

But give O’Rourke credit for recognizing an opportunity when he sees one.  He saw one, the moment Muir called on him to explain O’Rourke’s latest amalgam on a federal buy-back.

First, The U.S. isn’t New Zealand where the Kiwi government can simply step in to declare all “assault rifles” – that’s anything accepting a magazine holding more than 10 rounds – per gun-a-non grata. Rather, the feds: Senate, House, White House, would need the approval of the U.S. Supreme Court and at least the legislatures of 34 other states to declare the Second Amendment to the Constitution little more than an inconvenient bother. Should that happen, the second target would be the First Amendment. Anyone want to take that bet?

Politicians, even more than attention-starved B-list actors, crave attention. O’Rourke got that after his publicists released information during the chase for Cruz’ Senate seat that one or two simple constituent rallies in El Paso ended up raking in $36.8 million more than Cruz, according to a Texas Tribune analysis of O’Rourke’s and Cruz’s campaign accounts Between Jan. 1, 2017 and Oct. 17, 2018. That put O’Rourke on the money map and helped raise the profile of the lesser known O’Rourke. Despite the cash infusion, O’Rourke still lost to Cruz.

After last night’s classic stage fright outburst which allowed a cheering audience to scratch their campaign itch, O’Rourke’s audible level raised significantly in response, and that’s all it took to capture this morning’s headlines in the afterglow of last night’s Democratic debate in Houston.

It’s doubtful, but not guaranteed, that O’Routke can outlift Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, but trying to grab just a swath of anti-gun owners in a Texas playground might not be enough to guarantee an O’Rourke presidency without first getting his teeth kicked in by whatever ox shows up October 15 in Ohio…yes, another grisly harbor for a mass shooting.  And that ox may come bearing more than just horns: Initials: DJT.

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