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The Politics of Guns

There is no escaping discussing guns today. To do so tomorrow may be too late.

Last week American gun owners celebrated its best protection ever of the Second Amendment when a Republican Senate voted 52 to the Democrats 48 to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, a gun owner, as the new occupant of the Supreme Court’s seat left empty by the death of 87 year old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Tomorrow’s vote may result in a Joe Biden win as our next president of whom gun owners are leery. Far worse, however, would be Biden’s VP, Kamala Harris.

Proven to be anti-gun in the extreme as the former Attorney General of California where she engineered funding for the struggling gun violence start-up, the state-run Violence Prevention Research Center, Harris would take that mindset with her when she becomes president.

“When she becomes president???”

Yes. Harris was perfectly lined up when, during the Democratic presidential debates, Biden made it known that he would (for political purposes, obviously) select as a running mate a ‘woman of color.” Taking the long view, if Biden lasts for two terms, Harris would remain ‘next dog up’ (a metaphor frequently used in dog racing). Additionally, cooperation between Biden-Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – and especially if the Democrats also take over the Senate tomorrow – means that the three national elements of American politics – Senate, House and White House – would fall into Democratic hands for years, even decades. The follow-up: Pelosi. What’s left for gun owners?  Only the Supreme Court.

Everyone – both Republicans and Democrats – are trying to sidestep the totally incorrect 2016 polls that saw a falling way behind Hillary Clinton ungraciously lose out to President Donald Trump. Can lightning strike twice?

Both Trump and Biden have their supporters.  Biden’s advantage is that he’s a Democrat and Democrats own the media. Until the coronavirus hit, Trump was a near shoo-in for re-election. The politically lightweight Biden was a historical also-ran whose favorite pro-gun snip was telling his wife, bothered by ‘thugs’ outside their house, to take his shotgun upstairs and fire a couple rounds out the window to scare the nerds off.

When democrats took over the House majority they awkwardly announced that gun control would be priority number one.  They did take over the House.  Gun control was immediately announced as their bright blue precedence.  That was then. Guns, i.e., gun control, has faded into a shady democratic gray. Many on the pro-gun side have agreed; gun control is dead, they announced publicly. ‘Prematurely’, some say. Don’t be so sure.

With these people, gun control is never dead; only sick and making all of us sicker.

Thus, they own the House. After tomorrow they might even own the Senate and, after January 20, 2021, the White House. If that happens, many of us that voted for Trump because of his promise to game the legal system with conservative judges –194 of them at the lower court levels thus far – and now the Supreme Court – with Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett – plus returning Justices Thomas, Alito and, sometimes Roberts, provides the promise of a strong pro-2A team…this time with shovels to bury unrealistic gun control deeper than six feet, the depth at which it belongs.

Be sure to vote tomorrow.

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