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The Soul of Society

Why, as history has proven, peace may once again come from the barrel of a gun

Steve Comus

Right now, there is a tug-of-war over the soul of culture and society. On one side are traditionalists and on the other side are anarchists and other assorted subversives, all with the intention of ending the culture of freedom and replacing it with totalitarian rule.

Although many folks may want to put some other kind of brand on it, like political parties or even ideology, the truth is much simpler, much more basic.

At issue is whether there will be a coherent society with peace and prosperity or whether there will be chaos and tyranny. The answer is just as simple. It is a factor of inertial mass and a question of whether a relatively few malcontents will muster-up enough momentum to overcome the inertia of the masses.

While the news media continue to focus on rioting and disorder, the overwhelming masses are nowhere to be seen. They are trying to live meaningful lives amid other problems like the pandemic and unemployment.

Proof that logic and reason still prevail among the overwhelming percentage of the populace is that they continue to act that way – and here, actions drown out even the most vocal of protests.

Although there were rumblings about the onslaught of the virus and its resultant pandemic very early in 2020, it didn’t really sink into the citizen psyche until March.

Concerns about self and home protection triggered a spike in gun and ammo sales then, the likes of which were never experienced in history.

Literally, guns were flying off the shelves by the millions each month. And, a significant percentage of those acquiring firearms and ammo have been first-time buyers – people who before had little or no interest in guns.

However, there was a wave of buying within a wave of buying following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis May 25.

Since then, the gun/ammo buying spree has continued as civil unrest has flared up at various places around the country. There is no indication that it will subside in the near future because some affected local governments seem more interested in humoring anarchists than protecting their greater constituencies.

Shortages of guns and ammo are expected to continue at least into 2021, even if the buying spree levels off in the next few weeks – which is doubtful.

There is a factor involved in all of this arming of the country that doesn’t get much play in the media because the focus of the media is what is happening rather than what is not happening.

What is not happening is a parallel spike in the misuse of firearms by all of those millions of people who have bought guns in the last few months. In fact, there has not even been a significant number of accidental shootings, even though so many of the recent buyers have never handled guns before.

If the mantra of the anti-gunners that more guns mean more crime and more accidental shootings were true, we would be seeing an avalanche of gun misuse, given the many millions of more guns in citizens’ hands. But that simply is not happening.

Part of the answer is that there has been a parallel spike in the number of people taking firearms safety courses, which means that the new buyers are serious about being gun owners.

When the numbers of guns in the hands of the citizenry before the pandemic/social unrest sales spikes is added to the millions of gun sales in those spikes, it is easy to see that there is a whole lot of responsibility being practiced out there.

So, the traditionalists are being traditional and they are exercising their Second Amendment responsibilities. That is the polar opposite of the chaos and pandemonium being triggered by the enemies of freedom.

Those enemies of freedom run the gamut from anarchists to political/social subversives, all with a single objective: bring down the greatest country the world has ever known.

It is easy to get the wrong idea about what is happening because public discourse is dictated by the discontented squeaky wheels and their government and media lackeys.

They reflect primarily what the couriers of chaos feed them. They are both blind and deaf to the unspoken words and beliefs of the real masses – once referred to as the silent majority.

Confusing the issue for many observers is what the concept of “change” looks like and what it should be.

Anarchists and other subversives took advantage of what had been a stunted underlying social evolution.

This started in the 1960s with the civil rights movement, but those advances were stunted by the Johnson administration’s Great Society, which guaranteed second class citizenship for many in society.

That neglect of such social change continued, exacerbated by the Obama presidency. All of this assured that at some point, the cork would pop off the bottle, which it did following the death of George Floyd.

Anarchists and other troublemakers took advantage of the pent-up frustration from the pandemic to use the Floyd phenomenon to spark the chaos they had been hoping all along to create.

At some point, should the well-choreographed subversive unrest continue, there is destined to be a point where those two social entities (traditionalists and anarchists) come head-to-head en masse (not at well-defined riots in metropolitan concrete jungles, but throughout the greater society). That is because there is no compromising such divergent forces – one being relatively small and violently proactive; and the other being static, yet massive.

Cooler heads likely will prevail, but that logically will take some time. Meanwhile, most of society continues to follow traditional paths despite overt efforts by subversives to dismantle society. The real difference now as compared to even a few months ago is that millions more traditionalists have prepared to be able to protect themselves regardless what comes at them.

Ultimately, it is a matter of good and evil, right and wrong.


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