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The straight story: Bow and arrow advances lift other sports

USA TODAY From the Archives – Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky’s slap shot was always precise and straight as an arrow. Give archery an assist for that.The Great One’s aluminum stick, with a wood and fiberglass blade, was constructed in part using innovations derived from bow and arrow technology. So were the shafts on many a golf driver, the bike frame used by an Ironman triathlete, the drumsticks used by rockers. Cutting-edge advances in archery have even influenced the plastic components on dental chairs. It’s all because researchers discovered: Getting an arrow to fly with accuracy is anything but straightforward. “Ultimately, if you can make a really good set of arrows, everything else is comparatively easy,” said George Tekmitchov, target archery manager and senior engineer for Easton Technical Products, a leading bow and arrow manufacturer with a special claim to fame: An Easton arrow has been used to capture every gold medal in the men’s and women’s individual Olympic event since archery’s return to the modern games in 1972.  [full article]

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