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The Ultimate (no BS) Rifle Scope Guide

By Richard Douglas

Finding the right scope is like lifting Thor’s Hammer. You’re either worthy or not. It’s the exact same way for finding a scope worthy of your needs.

Especially if you’re new to the rifle scope game, the internet is filled with an endless maze of technical jargon, specs, confusing acronyms, and wrong advice. Not good. That’s why I wrote this guide — to walk every shooter (experienced or not) step-by-step through the confusing BS and straight to the bacon. And by the end of this guide, I promise you’ll be able to find a scope worthy of your needs. Let’s go!

Things To Know Before Choosing a Rifle Scope

In its simplest form, a riflescope is some glass lenses – that you can manipulate – in a tube casing. Before you ever start fumbling with knobs, here’s what you need to know about the lenses themselves.

Breaking Down the Numbers – When browsing for the best rifle scope, you’ll see something like “2-7×40” or “3×32”. The first number (or range of numbers) is your magnification while the second set measures your objective lens diameter.

Should You Choose Fixed or Variable Scope? – Magnification (aka Power) is designated by an “X”. It determines how much closer the target appears than what is seen with the naked eye.

We’ll use our examples above to explain the two types of magnification, then decide which one is best for you.

Fixed Power (3×32)    Variable Power (2-7×40)

3×32 is our fixed power example, meaning it only works at one power. In this example, you could only see 3 times closer than with the naked eye – no more, no less. However, these types of scopes come available in just about any power you’re comfortable using.

The more you magnify, the closer the target appears through the scope
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About Richard Douglas:  The name’s Douglas…Richard Douglas. I consider myself the ‘James Bond’ of scopes. My mission? To become your go-to source for honest, unbiased, hand-tested scope reviews. (That’s a mouthful). But I wasn’t always like this. It started when I need to finds a scope. I couldn’t find the ‘best’ scope. Everyone contradicted each other. The majority were just trying to ‘sell’ me on something. Soon, it became very clear the common man’s interest — folks like you and I — weren’t being represented. So, I did my own research.

I read up every gun forum, Youtube scope review, Amazon review and scope manufacturer’s page, looking for the best scope for my personal needs. But here’s the problem: there were too many ‘good’ scopes. How do I find the best? I didn’t know. So, I did the dumbest thing ever and… [Read More about Richard Douglas]

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