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The War On Guns Gets a New Adversary

Bob Rogers

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 – Yes, there are more than 330 million guns in America owned by roughly one-third of the population. Yet, despite those big numbers, gun owners are a minority. The school shooting in Florida proved to have a larger impact than Sandy Hook or Las Vegas, two of the most gruesome of several high profile criminal acts of modern mass murder.

Let’s first get some ugly things out of the way. The gun controllers are achieving some sort of propaganda victory by classifying AR rifles as “Weapons of War.” The media picked up on it and the hordes of gun-ignorant Americans of all age groups were lured into the fallacious fields of dreams perpetrated on those who only know one fact about guns:  guns kill. And that’s all they need to know to help inflate the ego and the treasury of the gun deniers.

Those so-called weapons of war are the offshoots (pun intended) of the military automatic firing capability of the M16, the civilian version of which is the semi-automatic AR-15 and its many variants. As such, however,  those “weapons of war” and their public imposters are or were ‘in common use’ which is how the Heller decision described arms used first by the American military and continuously by the American public.  That – make no mistake – is the flower of the Second Amendment.  Thus, the AR model, like the Enfields of the past, are constitutionally protected for public ownership and use.

The propaganda strategy favored by gun haters, however, is achieving battleground victories of sorts. It has transfigured  enough lies and untruths to the functionally illiterate anti-gun media that the mere event of a mass shooting – not of elementary school children or of country music concert-goers,  but of easily influenced and objectified teens – has magnetized even they-should-know-better corporate executives who shudder in abject fear if their stock market  numbers begin to vibrate at the slightest economic tremor.

Forget ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the WaPo, NYT and the rest of the easily led propaganda cult. We – and they – know who  and what they are.  But now comes the tech-nicians – Googlers, social media-ites and YouTubers all of whom have opened their own warfare fronts on guns and, overnight, joined by the Dick’s of the retail world that have taken to banning some guns – ARs, primarily, and setting their own unconstitutional age barriers for gun purchases.  Further is today’s announcement, with reporting by the Outdoor Wire, that grocery giant Kroeger and its chain of 2,782 grocery stores in 35 states is banning  all magazines with Assault Weapons content from its shelves and ordered distributors to have that chore accomplished within two weeks.

Additionally, the OW secured a memo listing 57 specific publications to be removed which included Guns & Ammo, Guns Magazine, Firearm News, Military Surplus, Modern Firearms, On Target, Recoil, Rifle Shooter, S.W.A.T.,  Special Weapons, Tactical Firearms, Gun Buyer Annual, Gun Guide, Gun World, and World of Firepower. 

At least they told us all not just what they want but how they intend to get it.

In contrast, while the Dick’s chain and some others are setting their own rules in open defiance of the 1968 Gun Control Act which generally prohibits persons under 18 years of age from possessing handguns or handgun ammunition with certain exceptions, the Act expressly says “under 18 years of age”…meaning that a person 18 or over cannot legally be denied purchasing a rifle….ANY rifle. Thus, Dick’s and anyone else are illegally exercising age discrimination, a federal offense.

Further, the laundry list of Big Corp companies, Delta, United, Hertz, Avis, Enterprise and others who are boycotting the NRA with cancelling NRA member discount programs, will begin – like Dick’s – to feel the heat of consumer discontent. Dick’s CEO said this week that their decision to remove ARs from their shelves has already hurt their other product category business.

Where all this will end – if ever – will be in the Supreme Court…if the court just gets off its bony ass and begins concentrating on the panoply of gun cases overflowing it’s pending files.

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