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Thermal Imaging, Night Vision VIDEOS

3rd Gen Night Vision Vs Thermal 10:56 min.

Showing the different advantages and disadvantages of 3rd gen night vision and thermal.

Apache Attack Helicopter – Combat Gun Camera Footage 10:46 min.

Scenes from the Middle East War Zone

Wild Boar Hunting With Thermal Graphic 25 Kills. 8:56 min.

Hunting wild hogs with the lwrci .308 repr and the armasight zeus pro 100mm. shooting hornady 165gr sst ammunition.

FLIR Thermal Imaging for the Criminally Stupid 2:51 min.

If you think you can get away, think again.

This is the Most Amazing Drone We’ve Seen Yet 5:38 min.

Wherever you go you are being watched.

Next-Gen Goggles Combine Night Vision, Thermal and Video Imagery

This set of next-gen night vision gear combines thermal, night vision and video imagery all into one package.

How To Choose a Thermal Imager 3:21 min.

Thermal Imagers are amazing technology, and there’s a lot to determine whether it’s right for you and which one is right for you! In this video, we discuss some of the things you should consider when looking at thermal imaging cameras. Whether you’re hunting, working in security, need a use around the home, exploring, or in a tactical situation, we have a thermal that will fit your needs.

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