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TN – HOME DEFENSE –  Hawkins woman backs naked burglar out of her home with rifle

A 54-year-old Hawkins County woman was sitting down to have a cup of coffee and watch the news Saturday morning when she was interrupted by a naked man banging on her back door with a stick shouting, “You’re going to die.” The woman told the Times News on Monday that a man later identified as Tomothy Joey Anderson managed to get through the door and into the kitchen of her home, which is located on Rogers Road north of Rogersville . She backed Anderson out the door with a rifle and called the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office. By the time Anderson was arrested, he had allegedly broken into three residences and caused substantial damage to her son’s nearby home. Anderson, 38, 110 Winegar Hollow Road, Rogersville, reportedly told the HCSO he was trying to gather items to survive. HSCO Chief Deputy Tony Allen said Anderson’s nakedness and behavior was attributed to him being intoxicated on drugs. “By the time I went to my room, got my gun and got back to the kitchen he had busted through the door and he was in my kitchen. I pointed the gun at him, said a few choice words, and he’s like, ‘You’re going to die, we’re all going to die!’ I’m like, ‘No. If you don’t get out of here you’re fixing to die right now.’ Finally, I backed him out my door and halfway down my driveway, and he ran across to my other neighbor’s house. After he was gone I jumped in the car and dialed 911 going down the driveway because I was so scared.”  [full article]

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