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TN – HUNTING – Hunting license increase to likely bring big turnout for the opening of deer hunting gun season (VIDEO)

This year there has brought a substantial increase in hunting and fishing license sales in Tennessee, likely due to people wanting to get outdoors due to COVID-19. (Skip) The gun season for deer hunting kicks off this weekend, and this year hunters may be out in record numbers. Barry Cross, the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency’s Region 2 Communications and Outreach Co-ordinator explains: “Since we started selling licenses for the new year back in March, the license sales have been ever increasing and we are way above where our normal totals are,” said Cross. “And that has continued on from the fishing season into the hunting season. And as we are going into the gun season it is looking like we are still going to be up several thousand licenses in that regard.”

“And the cool thing is that it could be that we are getting people that used to hunt and quit hunting and now they’ve had some time, and they’re getting back into it. It could be that we’re getting some people who are new to the sport and maybe want to try it out and put some organic food on their table.” And if you want to donate venison as food for someone else’s table, there’s an easy way to do that. “A lot of people like to try the sport out, but they’re not so sure about eating deer meat, or maybe they’ve gotten into a situation where they have killed more than what they wanted,” said Cross. “They can donate those animals to ‘Hunters for the Hungry.’ You can go to our website and find ‘Hunters for the Hungry’ and you can find processors who will take that deer and hold it for that program and it will go to feed needy families in Tennessee.” For safety, the TWRA suggests that you take a hunter’s safety course, or hunt with someone who has.  [full article]

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