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TN – LAW ENFORCEMENT –  As governor pushes for permitless carry, law enforcement leaders push back

DAILY MEMPHIAN – March 1, 2021 – TN Gov. Bill Lee is renewing his push to allow handguns to be carried in public without a permit, and local law enforcement leaders are pushing back with renewed opposition.

Lee announced during his recent State of the State address that he will push again for the legislation, which failed to make it through the Tennessee General Assembly’s COVID-shortened session last year.  “Now more than ever, Tennesseans want a strong commitment to the Second Amendment and the right to protect themselves,” Lee said during his State of the State. “And as such, I will again be reintroducing constitutional carry legislation.” Last year’s bill passed in the House before being put aside.

As the push renews, Memphis law enforcement leaders are again sounding their concerns.

“Allowing permitless open carry of firearms in a large urban area makes no sense,” Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich said. “Is it really asking too much for someone to get a permit to carry a deadly weapon on our streets?” [full article]

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