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TN – SELF-PROTECTION – Getting A Tennessee Handgun Permit Just Got Easier, Worrying Some Gun-Rights Advocates

A new gun law (that took) effect January 1, 2020 in Tennessee has raised some concerns — even among gun-rights advocates. Many are calling the measure unsafe because it drastically cuts the training required to get a handgun permit. Jim Mauth, a firearm instructor in Franklin, is one of them. “I’m a Second Amendment guy. You know, I’m ex-military,” Mauth told WPLN News in Nashville. “I’m a lifelong member of the NRA.” But Mauth said he is concerned about the newly-created “enhanced handgun carry” permit. It allows people to forgo the 8-hour in-person training with instructors and replace it with a 90-minute online video. Mauth called this new law “a bad idea.” “I’ve had people come to our classes that have never held a handgun … and we take them in and by the end of the day they are both competent and confident with a handgun,” Mauth said. “They can’t do that with a video.”  [full article]

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