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Trail Camera Wildlife VIDEOS

Elk Migration Trail: Amazing Camera Trap Highlights, 3:20 min.

Elk, mule deer, coyotes, wolves, grizzly bear, and a porcupine all use the same trail high in the mountains of western Wyoming in this video by the Wyoming Migration Initiative.

Wolverine Trail Camera Footage, 1:21 min.

Fierce, fearless and wild, the wolverine is an elusive creature about which we know very little.

Wildlife footage on trail camera, 1:20 min.

A little wildlife variety keeps the images interesting.

Photography From Oregon’s Trail Cameras, 1:02 min.

From carefully crafted animal portraits to surveys by state officials, these pictures from remote cameras in Oregon are simply breathtaking.

Wildlife of The Trustees, 1:25 min.

Trail camera footage from Trustees’ properties around Massachusetts featuring raccoons, beavers, moose, ducks and more!

Caught on Trail Camera in the Costa Rica Jungle, 3:18 min.

Video highlights of the oddball antics of jungle animals in Costa Rica.

LIVE Animal Cam – Bear – Deer – Boar – Fox – Wolf – Birds – Wildlife (Continuous: 24-hour trail cam)

At our live animal cam, live bear cam, live deer cam you can watch big bear, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, fox, rabbit, wolf and other wild animals.. Big bears, boars, foxes and sometimes wolves comes after 6:00 PM local time and you can watch them all night with live night vision camera.

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