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Training Kids to SHOOT VIDEOS

Young Guns: Should Kids Learn How to Shoot Guns?  9:18 min.

Gun groups say education means prevention, but critics argue kids can’t be trusted with guns.

Teaching Your Kids to Shoot,  11:06 min.

Taking your kids to the range is a great bonding experience but can also inspire a love for firearms and the 2nd Amendment. A life-long investment in your children to learn safety and responsibility.

The Texas Kid With a Ruger 10/22,  0:46 sec.

Proof that practice pays off even for the youngsters.

6 Year Old Shooting 100yrd Steel with the Chipmunk 22LR Rifle,  3:16 min.

My son taking 100 yard shots at a 12 inch steel plate with his new. Chipmunk 22 rifle. The scope is a 3-7 BSA for air rifles and rimfire guns. This is a youth style gun with a shortened stock and short pistol grip for a length of pull that is more suitable for a child. These are great trainers for children interested in shooting. Once the rifle is outgrown by the kid, it will be an easy move up to a full sized rifle since working with the single shot and learning gun handling and safety will have been learned.

This 10-year-old knows how to use a gun,   1:03 min.

Meet Shyanne Roberts, a 10-year-old competitive shooter who is out to prove kids with guns don’t always mean disaster.

12 Year old Kid Shoots Glock 9mm, Shotgun and AR15 in a Shooting Match,  1:44 min.

Watch this 12 year old kid shoot stage 11 of the Texas Multigun Championships held just outside of Liberty Hill, Texas.

12-Year-Old Wallops Bull Elk at 1376 YARDS! – Long Range Hunting,  6:29 min.

The limits of long range hunting are tested as Danner Davidson, Aaron’s son, takes a nice Wyoming bull with a shot distance of 1376 yards with a Gunwerks 7mm Rem Mag.


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